Ireland boasts an excellent transportation network that covers the whole of the country, including remote areas. This makes it very easy for visitors to explore the entire country without having to hire a car or take their trusted vehicle with them. However, it is worth bearing in mind that some forms of transportation are more expensive than others, while in some areas of the country transportation options may be limited. Here is a guide to transportation options in Ireland.



Traveling by taxi tends to be rather costly in Ireland and although it is the most reliable way of getting from A to B it can eat through a visitor’s travel budget very quickly. Taxis can be booked by phone from most hostels as well as from private taxi booths, and the best way of keeping taxi fares low is to find travel buddies to share the trip.


Most of the major cities in Ireland feature a train network that covers the main areas as well as the subways, while long distant trains can be used to travel between different towns and cities. While the train system in Ireland is fast and reliable, it is far from cheap. To save money, try to travel in off peak hours and take advantage of special train tickets and special offers.

Taking the Bus

This is a fast and generally affordable way of traveling in Ireland and most destinations within the country are serviced by various buses. M=in major cities such as Dublin buses also run on routes around the metropolis and this is a great way to see the sites in comfort and style.


Traveling by boat is a relaxing way to visit various different islands that can be found just a few miles from the mainland.


People who want to explore Ireland at their own pace will find that cycling is a great way to get around. The country boasts some excellent cycling lanes and very scenic cycling routes to make use of.