Travel-Alerts-Page-PictureIreland is a backpacker’s paradise, not least because there’s plenty to do and see regardless of your budget. However, you’ll need to plan a little in advance.


If you’ve embraced the backpacker’s way of life, you’ll be looking at campsites or hostels for accommodation. Here are 10 of the best Irish campsites.

Ireland is full of great youth hostels, though anyone planning on staying in Dublin or Belfast should book their place well in advance.

Things to Do

You’ll enjoy Irish hospitality in Dublin, but don’t blow your holiday budget in the city’s touristy bars and clubs. Dublin’s dozen casinos will gladly relieve you of your cash, too, though gamblers can always turn to the online android casino app instead and walk away more easily. The good news for frugal backpackers is that Guinness costs €4.00 or less per pint in several Dublin pubs.

The countryside of Ireland is magnificent. The Ring of Kerry in southwest Ireland offers breathtaking scenery, for example. Closer to Dublin is the large Wicklow Mountains National Park – an area of outstanding natural beauty.


If you’re flying in from Europe, Ryanair offers some of the cheapest flights to Ireland.

Alternatively, a ferry can be taken to Ireland from the UK or France. The four ports in Ireland are: Belfast, Dublin, Cork and Rosslare.

Anyone travelling from North America to Ireland should check out flights from Wow Air or Aer Lingus.

Once you’ve reached your destination, buses are the cheapest means of Irish travel. Be sure to check return journey times in remoter parts of Ireland.

Ireland is a great place for hitchhiking. You’ll find a real sense of community in many parts of the country, especially in rural locations where you might be in most need of a lift.