senior2520year2520692Many hostels in Ireland feature communal cooking rooms where guests are invited to prepare their own meals. These rooms often feature large refrigerators and cupboards where guests can store groceries to cook when they are hungry. While many travelers may have their sights set on sampling the local cuisine while they are away and eating out in cafes and restaurants, there are lots of advantages to using communal cooking rooms.

The best thing about choosing a hostel that features a communal cooking room is that visitors can save a lot of money by purchasing food from local supermarkets to cook at the hostel. More supermarkets and other grocery shops stock a wide range of both local and international products to choose from, and this is a good way to discover what local people actually eat. Many supermarkets also feature a discount shelf where visitors can save even more on their food bills by buying food that is due to expire soon.

Cooking together is a good bonding experience and this is a great way for people who stay in hostels to make new friends. Guests can pool their food and share the cooking responsibilities so that they can create delicious meals to enjoy together. Most people have at least one dish that they can make to impress the other guests with and can learn new skills at the same time.

Even people who don’t like to cook can save money by using communal cooking rooms. Bread and other fresh local products such as meat, cheese and salad can be bought in advance to eat for breakfast, lunch or any time that guests wants a snack so that they do not always have to pay through the nose to eat in local restaurants. This is also great for guests who want to indulge in a midnight snack long after the restaurants have closed for the night.