Backpacking and hosteling in Ireland is a great way to see the country while having fun and making friends at the same time. One of the great things about hostels in Ireland is that they tend to be much cheaper than hotels while still offering a good range of shared amenities. People who are on a tight budget are sure to get a lot out of this experience and hostels in Ireland usually follow very strict high standards regarding quality of accommodation and the cleanliness of rooms.

_C__5448-backpackers-citi-hostel-dublin-irelandPeople who choose to stay in a hostel in Ireland will usually spend the night in a dorm room, which is a single large room with several beds. In many cases, bunk beds are installed in the room so that more people can sleep inside. This cuts costs dramatically and in many cases a dozen or more people can share the same room. Many of the most popular hostels offer several different dorm rooms to choose from and in many cases there are male and female-only dorm rooms as well as mixed dorm rooms to choose from.

These hostels offer a few shared bathrooms for guests to use, as well as a shared kitchen for guests to use. People who stay in hostels are encouraged to cut traveling costs by bringing their own food with them, and are given space in the fridge to store their food. Many hostels also encourage guests to prepare and share meals together to create a feeling of community – this is a great way for travelers to make new friends.

Most hostels also offer a separate shared communal area that is used for relaxing and recreation. Most hostels come complete with Wi-Fi and may also offer a few computers for guests to use to surf the net and catch up on their emails. The communal area also often features a television and comfortable sofas that guests can lounge on.